What to watch day 11 - Friday

On the second to last day of the 'Miracle Games' there is plenty of action to choose from across a range of VENUES.

It is the last chance to check out the Boxing, Netball, Powerlifting, Sailing, Shooting, Squash, Taekwondo, and Tennis. The long awaited Triathlon starts today at the Sogi Recreational Park.

Thirteen sports fight to the end for Medals today: Athletics, Aquathlon, Boxing, Netball, Powerlifting, Sailing, Shooting, Squash, Taekwondo, Tennis, Touch and Volleyball.


Basketball 3 x 3 and Touch are battling it out for medals tomorrow.

It is the second to last day of frenzied action that is Athletics on day 5 of 6. 
The nonstop action starts at 9.30am and doesn’t stop until 8.30pm.
Listen for the various national anthems as every day includes medal ceremonies.
Entry is SAT$5.00 at Apia Park.

After debuting at the Samoa 2019 XVI Pacific Games, yesterday, Basketball 3 x 3 takes to the court again today.  
Spectators can watch Men’s and Women’s division today and medals go home tomorrow.  Basketball enthusiasts have thrown their support behind this new addition to the games by heading to Gym 2. Action from 12 midday until 9pm.
Entry is SAT$5.00 at Gym 2, Faleata.

Boxers fight it out for medal placings today at Don Bosco College on Savai'i. 
Spectators have been flocking to boxing to watch the nonstop action.
Today from 11am till 4pm.
Entry is SAT$5.00 at the venue.

MS 0614 v2

Team Tonga at the Boxing on Savai'i (Trina Edwards/Pacific Games News)

Expect crowds at the Multi-Sport Centre at Faleata as Netball medals are decided today after 4 days of spirited action.  
From the 9 teams competing only 1 team takes home the gold. Be courtside at 1pm for the first game of the day and stay until 9pm.
Entry is SAT$5.00.

It is the last chance to witness the extraordinary power and strength that is Powerlifting on show at Gym 1, Faleata
Entry is SAT$5.00 at the venue.

It is the last day of the Sailing after a gruelling last 9 days of changing weather conditions - it will humbling to watch the competitors dig deep as they cross the finishing line.
Entry is free at Sheraton Beach Resort, Mulifanua.

Shooting will be geared up for the last day of competition at Tafaigata, today. The first shot goes off at 9m cease fire at 5pm.
Entry is free.

Squash enthusiasts are sure to be out in full as they head to the squash courts at Faleata for the last day of action.
Be there at the earlier time of 9.30am to get a good spot to watch skill and determined play in the fight for the medals.
Action will continue until 7.30pm including the medal ceremonies.
Entry is free.

Crowds are taking full advantage of watching Taekwondo at an elite level of competition at the Harvest Centre, Lotopa. 
Today is the final day with competition starting at 9am and ending at 8pm.
Entry is free.

Tennis lovers have been riveted for the 10 days of nonstop action at Apia Park.
Day 11 of competition and a rally to the end for medal placings.
Watch every bounce at Apia Park from 9am till 8pm.
Entry SAT $5.00 at Apia Park.

Touch continues to be a crowd thriller at Marist St Joseph’s Stadium, Lotopa. Excitement is building ahead of placings tomorrow. Games will start at 9.20am and continue until 4.00pm. Be early to find a good spot to cheer on your team as the stands fill up quickly. 
Entry is SAT$5.00 at the venue.

Triathlon is finally here.
The schedule is mens and womens Aquathlon today followed by the triathlon tomorrow. Aquathlon is an excellent way for novice athletes to enter the world of multisport, and for experienced triathletes to add something different to their race routines.
The action starts at Sogi Recreational Park, close to downtown Apia and runs from 8am a.m. to 10.30pm and entry is free.


Volleyball has a huge following and is going off.
It's final day and there is huge hype around who will take home  
All the action from 9am until 7.30pm.
Entry is SAT$5.00 at the National University of Samoa Gym.

DAY 11, FRIDAY 19 July
0800  SQUASH Men, Women & Mixed Doubles Finals
0800 POWERLIFTING Weigh in Men's 74kg, 83kg
0800 TRIATHLON Elite Women's Aquathon
0810 TRIATHLON Elite Men's Aquathon
0900 VOLLEYBALL Men's Kiribati vs Tuvalu (Placing Finals)
0900 SHOOTING DTL Points Score 9 (Individual)
0900 SHOOTING DTL Points Score 9 (Team)
0920 TOUCH RUGBY Mixed Fiji vs Papua New Guinea
1000 POWERLIFTING Men's 93kg
1010 TOUCH RUGBY Mixed Tonga vs Solomon Islands
1010 TOUCH RUGBY Mixed Samoa vs Cook Islands
1100 POWERLIFTING Men's 83kg
1100 VOLLEYBALL Women's Solomon Islands vs Guam
1100 VOLLEYBALL Papua New Guinea vs American Samoa (Placing Finals)
1120 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Nauru vs Tahiti
1120 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's New Caledonia vs Papua New Guinea
1140 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Samoa vs Guam
1140 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Kiribati vs Fiji
1200 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's American Samoa vs Vanuatu
1200 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Solomon Islands vs Marshall Islands
1220 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Fiji vs American Samoa
1240 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Vanuatu vs Guam
1240 TOUCH RUGBY Mixed Samoa vs Papua New Guinea
1240 TOUCH RUGBY Mixed Cook Islands vs Solomon Islands
1300 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Marshall Islands vs Tahiti
1300 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Samoa vs Papua New Guinea
1300 NETBALL 7th/8th Place
1320 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Vanuatu vs Solomon Islands
1320 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Fiji vs American Samoa
1330 POWERLIFTING Men's 93kg
1330 TOUCH RUGBY Mixed Fiji vs Tonga
1340 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Cook Islands vs Kiribati
1340 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's American Samoa vs Nauru
1420 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Guam vs Fiji
1420 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Nauru vs Solomon Islands
1430 ATHLETICS Women's Long Jump
1430 POWERLIFTING Men's 105kg
1440 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Solomon Islands vs Vanuatu
1440 BASKETBALL 3x3 New Caledonia vs Cook Islands 
1440 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Tahiti vs New Caledonia
1445 ATHLETICS Women's Shot Put Ambulant-Ent
1500 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Cook Islands vs Samoa
1500 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Solomon Islands vs Fiji
1520 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Guam vs Nauru
1530 NETBALL 5th/6th Place
1540 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's American Samoa vs Cook Islands
1540 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Tahiti vs New Caledonia
1600 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Papua New Guinea vs Samoa
1600 TOUCH RUGBY Mixed Semifinal 1
1600 TOUCH RUGBY Mixed Semifinal 2
1615 ATHLETICS Women's 400M Hurdles
1630 ATHLETICS Men's 400M Hurdles
1630 ATHLETICS Men's Shot Put
1630 ATHLETICS Men's Triple Jump
1640 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Quarterfinal 1
1645 ATHLETICS Women's 400M Hurdles MP
1652 ATHLETICS Men's 400M Hurdles MP
1700 ATHLETICS Women's 3000M Steeplechase
1700 VOLLEYBALL Women's BRONZE Wallis & Futuna vs Samoa
1705 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Quarterfinal 2
1730 ATHLETICS Women's Long Jump MP
1730 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Quarterfinal 3
1737 ATHLETICS Women's Shot Put Ambulant-MP
1744 ATHLETICS Men's Shot Put MP
1755 BASKETBALL 3x3 Men's Quarterfinal 4
1800 ATHLETICS Women's 4x100M Relay
1800 NETBALL 4th/Bronze Samoa vs Papua New Guinea
1810 ATHLETICS Women's 3000M Steeplechase MP
1817 ATHLETICS Men's Triple Jump MP
1820 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Quarterfinal 1
1825 ATHLETICS Men's 4x100M Relay
1835 ATHLETICS Women's 4x100M Relay MP
1842 ATHLETICS Men's 4x100M Relay MP
1845 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Quarterfinal 2
1900 VOLLEYBALL Women's GOLD New Caledonia vs Tahiti
1910 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Quarterfinal 3
1935 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Quarterfinal 4
2030 NETBALL Gold/Silver Tonva vs Cook Islands
2120 BASKETBALL 3x3 Women's Marshall Islands vs Vanuatu