What to watch on day 6

Saturday and it is day six at Samoa 2019 XVI Pacific Games with 14 opportunities to watch SPORTS at elite levels across a range of VENUES from Fagali'i to Mulifanua.

Medals will be decided in 11 sports: Badminton, Cricket, Golf, Lawn bowls, Rugby 7s, Sailing, Swimming, Table tennis, Tennis, Va’a and Weightlifting, so it's all on.

And don’t miss your chance to see Badminton, Cricket, Golf, Lawn bowls, Rugby 7s, Swimming, Table tennis, Va’a and Weightlifting for the last time at the Samoa 2019 VXI Pacific Games.

Badminton finishes, today, so medals are up for grabs and it’s the last chance to see athletes perform at elite level.  Action starts at 9am and finishes at 9pm. 
Entry is free.

Basketball 5 x 5 has been a crowd favourite all week.
Today is another full day starting at 12 noon until 9pm
Entry is SAT$5.00 at Gym 2, Faleata Sports Complex.

Cricket finals are on today and the weather forecast is good! Be there for the start at 9am at the Cricket Oval, Faleata for a full day of action. 
Entry is free.


Golf tees off for the last day of competition at the beautiful Fagalii Royal Samoa Golf Course from 7.30am Medal placings will be decided today. 
Entry is free.

Lawn Bowls goes into the final day of the six day competition.
The first bowls will hit the green at 9 a.m. It’s a full on day of action including Men's Singles, Fours, Women’s Pairs, Triples and medal ceremonies. 
Entry is free.

Rugby 7s moves into the second and final day of competition at Marist St Joseph’s Stadium, Lotopa, today at 8am. 
Podium placings will be decided today in both Women’s A and B pools and Men’s A and B pools. 
Ticket prices: Saturday: Adults $10, Children and athletes (excluding 7s players) $5. 

Moving out to Mulifanua…
Sailing is continuing and medals will be won or lost today. 

Va’a competitors put their paddles in the ocean for the last time today at 8am at Mulifanua. 

Sailing continues next week with the last sailing on Friday 19 July including Para sailing will compete in day three of their competition.
Entry is free for both.

Squash moves into day 6 of 11.
Players have had the chance to get the feel of the courts and competition is fierce.
Be there at 9.30am as the first ball bounces off the walls. Action will continue until 6.30pm 
Entry is free.

Swimming finishes today after a swag of medals has been shared across different countries. Competitors will be on the starting blocks at 9am and competition will wind up at 8pm. If it’s fast paced continual action you want be at the Aquatic Centre in Faleata. 
Entry is SAT$5.00   

The final ball will be smashed across the table at Table Tennis today.
Teams are fighting it out for the Gold, silver and bronze medals at the Harvest Centre Faleata. Action commences at 0900 and finishes at 2100. Entry is free.

Lob out to Apia Park at 9am for another day of Tennis action. The weather looks perfect and medals will be won today before close of play at 8pm. 
Entry is SAT$5.00 

Volleyball serves up the action on day three of competition at the NUS gym at 12 noon. It is the first day of Women’s Volleyball while the Men’s competition is up to day three. 
Entry is SAT$5.00 at the National University of Samoa Gym.

Weightlifting will power into the last day of completion at Faleata Gym 1. The show of strength starts at 9am and continues until 9pm. New Pacific Games, Oceania and Commonwealth records have been set this week so the last day will draw the crowds. 

Entry is $5 at the venue.

Day 6 timings

0800       Rugby 7s Match 25 Men's Cook Islands vs Wallis & Futuna

0822       Rugby 7s Match 26 Men's New Caledonia vs Nauru

0844       Rugby 7s Match 27 Men's Tonga vs American Samoa

0900       Lawn bowl Men's Singles, Fours, Women's Pairs, Triples (Round 7)

0900       Tennis Men's Singles New Caledonia vs Tonga / Court 1

0900       Tennis Men's Singles Cook Islands vs Vanuatu / Court 3

0900       Tennis Men's Singles Tahiti vs Solomon Islands / Court 5

0900       Weightlifting Women's 81kg B & 87kg B

0906       Rugby 7s Match 28 Men's Solomon Islands vs Tuvalu

0928       Rugby 7s Match 29 Medal QF1 Women's Australia vs Solomon Islands

0950       Rugby 7s Match 30 Medal QF2 Women's New Caledonia vs Papua New Guinea

1000       Badminton Women's Doubles Fiji vs Tahiti

1000       Badminton Mixed Doubles

1000       Tennis Men's Singles Samoa vs Fiji / Court 1

1000       Tennis Men's Singles Solomon Islands vs Kiribati / Court 3

1000       Tennis Men's Singles Tonga vs Vanuatu / Court 5

1012       Rugby 7s Match 31 Medal QF3 Women's Samoa vs Nauru

1030       Badminton Men's Singles

1034       Rugby 7s Match 32 Medal QF4 Women's American Samoa vs Fiji

1056       Rugby 7s Match 33 Men's Fiji vs Nauru

1100       Badminton Women's Singles Fiji vs New Caledonia

1100       Badminton Men's Doubles New Caledonia vs Fiji

1100       Weightlifting Women's 81kg B & 87kg B

1118       Rugby 7s Match 34 Men's Cook Islands vs New Caledonia

1130       Tennis Men's Singles Tahiti vs Solomon Islands / Court 1

1130       Tennis Men's Singles Solomon Islands vs Tonga / Court 3

1130       Tennis Men's Singles Cook Islands vs Guam / Court 5

1140       Rugby 7s Match 35 Men's Samoa vs Tuvalu

1200       Basketball Women's Guam vs Tahiti

1202       Rugby 7s Match 36 Men's Tonga vs Solomon Islands

1215       Table tennis Men's Doubles Tahiti vs New Caledonia Bronze Medal Match

1224       Rugby 7s Match 37 Women's Loser Match 29 vs Loser Match 30

1246       Rugby 7s Match 38 Women's Loser Match 31 vs Loser Match 32

1300       Tennis Women's Singles Tahiti vs Solomon Islands / Court 1

1300       Tennis Women's Singles Cook Islands vs Samoa / Court 3

1308       Rugby 7s Match 39 Women's Winner Match 29 vs Winner Match 30

1315       Table tennis Men's Doubles Papua New Guinea vs Vanuatu Gold Medal Match

1330       Rugby 7s Match 40 Women's Winner Match 31 vs Winner Match 32

1400       Badminton Men's Singles Tahiti vs New Caledonia

1400       Badminton Women's Singles Final New Caledonia vs Tahiti

1400       Tennis Women's Singles Vanuatu vs Tahiti / Court 1

1400       Tennis Women's Singles Fiji vs Tonga / Court 3

1400       Tennis Women's Singles Tonga vs Kiribati / Court 5

1400       Tennis Women's Singles American Samoa vs Vanuatu / Court 5

1400       Volleyball Men's Guam vs American Samoa

1415       Basketball Men's Guam vs New Caledonia

1416       Rugby 7s Match 41 Men's 5th Pool A vs 5th Pool B

1400       Badminton Men's Doubles Final

1430       Volleyball Women's Tahiti vs American Samoa

1438       Rugby 7s Match 42 Men's 4th Pool A vs 4th Pool B

1500       Badminton Women's Doubles Final New Caledonia vs Fiji

1500       Badminton Mixed Doubles Final Fiji vs Tahiti

1500       Rugby 7s Match 43 Men's 3rd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B

1522       Rugby 7s Match 44 Women's Loser Match 37 vs Loser Match 38

1544       Rugby 7s Match 45 Women's Winner Match 37 vs Winner Match 38

1600       Table tennis Men's Ambulant Singles Tahiti vs Fiji Bronze Medal Match

1600       Table tennis Women's Ambulant Singles Solomon Islands vs Fiji Bronze Medal Match

1606       Rugby 7s Match 46 Women's Loser Match 39 vs Loser Match 40, Bronze Medal Final

1628       Rugby 7s Match 47 Men's 2nd Pool A vs 2nd Pool B, Bronze Medal Final

1630       Basketball Women's American Samoa vs Papua New Guinea

1650       Rugby 7s Match 48 Women's Winner Match 39 vs Winner Match 40, Gold Medal Match

1700       Table tennis Women's Ambulant Singles Tahiti vs Papua New Guinea Gold Medal Match

1700       Volleyball Women's Wallis & Futuna vs Guam

1701       Swimming Men's Final 100M Breaststroke

1706       Swimming Women's Final 100M Breaststroke

1712       Rugby 7s Match 49 Men's 1st Pool A vs 1st Pool B, Gold Medal Match

1721       Swimming Men's Final 400M Free

1730       Volleyball Men's Federated States of Micronesia vs Tahiti

1741       Swimming Women's Final 400M Free

1801       Swimming Men's Final 200M Fly

1819       Swimming Women's Final 200M Fly

1836       Swimming Men's Final 50M Free

1845       Basketball Men's Samoa vs Tonga

1851       Swimming Women's Final 50M Free

1900       Table tennis Men's Ambulant Singles New Caledonia vs Papua New Guinea Gold Medal Match

1900       Volleyball Women's Samoa vs Solomon Islands

1916       Swimming Mixed 4x50M Medley Relay

1930       Volleyball Men's Papua New Guinea vs Solomon Islands