Weightlifting to be 'global event' at Games

Weightlifters from around the world will be in Samoa to compete during the XVI Pacific Games, as the event also doubles as Oceania and Commonwealth championships, as well as being a qualifier for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The Director-General of the International Weightlifting Federation, Attila Adamif, said he hoped the event would be "the best ever Pacific Games," during a recent visit to Samoa to check out preparations.

A total of 20 Pacific nations and territories, including both New Zealand and Australia, have indicated their participation in five days of competition, from 9-13 July. Additionally, competitors from outside the Pacific Games family will be taking part. 

The additional events mean there will be "athletes coming all over from the world," Attila said.

"I’m sure from Europe, Pan-American, Asia and hopefully Africa. So, it won’t be just a Pacific event, it will be a global event."

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Attila is enthusiastic about weightlifting and sharing his experience. 

"Every sport is different. Weightlifting comes from pure strength and if you consider the Olympic motto 'Faster, Higher, Stronger', weightlifting is stronger and is a core sport on the Olympic programme. It is very simple to understand and very simple to measure and compare athletes, whoever they are."

Attila is confident Samoa is ready to host the Games.  

"I am really happy to assist and contribute my experience to make the best-ever Pacific Games and especially the weightlifting competition."

He added: "The venue is almost ready. We just need some sports equipment, which is already here in Samoa."

It's his third visit to Samoa, and he's always keen to share his experiences with the local weightlifting team.

"We are very happy to have Jerry Wallwork as head of the local federation in charge of the weightlifting competition. That is the kind of guarantee for us that the weightlifting competition will not only be a successful one in terms of athletes participation, also spectators and numbers," he said.