The Office of the Pacific Games is proud to be partnering with the Volunteer Services Abroad to secure qualified and suitable volunteers for the upcoming Samoa 2019 Pacific Games.

In July 2019, Samoa will host the Pacific Games – 22 countries, 26 sports, 5000 people.

The Office of the Pacific Games in Apia has identified areas where they need support so we have some fantastic, short-term, event-based assignments available for people keen to pass on their skills.

The assignments will run from the end of January 2019 for seven months. Your costs are covered, including a daily allowance.

In this key assignment you will be responsible for managing and mobilising up to 1000 volunteers leading up to and during the two-week period of the Pacific Games.

If you’re looking for challenge this will be right up your alley!

We’re looking for a skilled transportation logistics professional to help Samoa deliver on the Pacific Games. You’ll be working directly with the Director for Transport to develop and execute a transportation strategy to transport athelete’s, sporting officials and VIP’s to and from the Games.

Drawing on your relationship management experience you will collaborate with public and private sector transportation providers to implement the strategy and ensure effective contingency plans are in place.

Working in partnership with the Transportation Director you will advise and establish training sechedules for drivers, including an appropriate focus on health and safety and its implications to the Games.

We are looking for a volunteer with:

For more information or to apply online.